The Academic Team

The Academic Team

Clearly, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to choosing a real estate professional to facilitate the selling or purchasing of your home, business space or investment property. So what sets The Academic Team @ Keller Williams Realty of Greater Nassau apart from its competition? Our ethos is quite simple – if we ensure that our clients are as educated as they can be in any property transaction, we empower our clients to not only make the right choices, but also feel as comfortable as possible with the choices they make. 

For most people, real estate is the most valuable asset that they will hold during their lifetime. Just as you would use an investment professional to guide you when looking to manage your finances, a medical professional to guide you in matters relating to your health or an attorney to advise you on legal matters, having a knowledge real estate professional is crucial in guiding you during any real estate transaction.

It is our experience that there are two things our clients are searching for when choosing a real estate professional. The first is a patient and knowledgeable advocate who removes the mystique from the real estate process. Second, we notice a desire for an equal sense of comfort and experience when navigating the emotional and technical complexities of any real estate transaction. 

So how does The Academic Team set itself apart? It all starts with our Buyer, Seller and/or Investor education and consultation. During this process, we spend the necessary time and provide many of the tools, resources, materials and education that we have learned really make a person feel as though they understand and are comfortable with their upcoming real estate transaction. Thought the transaction, we utilize a satisfying mix of state of the art technology, coupled with good old fashioned telephone calls, meeting in person and hand holding, to ensure that all our customers have their real estate needs met professionally, diligently and expeditiously.

Sellers can expect a proven expert marketing plan, inclusive of professional photography, multiple channels of marketing, staging guidance and the utilization of creative and experienced negotiation techniques. Buyers can expect to get updates on the tone and tenor of the market with new and updated listings and exclusive for their locations of choice within 24 hours of their posting, stress free buyer tours and, most importantly, a powerful ally in negotiating the right price for the property you are looking for.

The best part is that our services do not stop once the keys change hands! Once we help you with your real estate goals and dreams, we are still there for all of our clients. Our vast experience and experiences allow us to be a niche resource for our clients who might need advice, contractors and/or vendors for maintaining their home or property.

In short, we have learned that simply being a friendly, experienced and knowledgeable asset and resource is the best way to help our customers and clients find their way to real estate success. It might seem like common sense, but we’re sure we aren’t the first to point out to you that common sense isn’t too common. We invite you to see how the academic approach to your real estate transaction is really the superior way to accomplish your real estate goals and dreams.